Our goal is obtaining a maximum return on assets. We advise and support our clients from a strategic-tactical level, as well as a technical and operational level. We optimize the balance between quality, costs and risks for both the asset portfolio and for assets specifically.

Out of multiple trend analysis, we generate various operating and maintenance scenarios. After testing against the company values of the asset owner, it results in an optimized multi-year program.

TEYLER Asset management stands for:


We visualize the status of your assets by means of a dashboard. Besides insight in the technical state of assets, the dashboard also provides data on, for example CO2 savings based on taken measures or calamity notification hotspots. Herewith the dashboard serves as an indicator for the chosen maintenance strategy and as a guideline for progress meetings with your client. We can adjust the dashboard and Key Performance Indicators to your information needs.

We connect the dashboard directly to your management or information system by means of an API (Application Programming Interface). Therefore, the data presented in the dashboard is always up-to-date and accurate. Import and export of data is no longer required. An example of an interactive dashboard with multiple functions is shown below.

The interactive dashboard below demonstrates civil structures of Rijkswaterstaat, based on open data. It is an example of how Teyler provides their clients specific insights in their assets. This dashboard is complemented with fictive values of asset quality, based on inspection data and the quantity of notifications and calamities. Feel free to click on the various elements within the dashboard and see what is possible when data is presented interactively.



Teyler is responsible for the execution of the asset management part of provincial properties within the area of North-Holland South; with no doubt the most crowded part of the province. We optimize the flow and accessibility of this intensive and economically important area.


Teyler contributes to the operation and performance of more than 700 km of national roads and over 300 bridges, viaducts and culverts by applying risk-based maintenance management. The asset owner is timely informed on the status (quality and risks) and potential improvements.


By using dashboards, we provide insight in the functioning and performance of the assets of Moerdijk, for both the client and contractor. We also developed a maintenance model in order to execute risk-based activities, based on the available data. The model provides insight into various scenarios and differences.


We provide insight in data by collecting, connecting and analyzing. Because of our collaboration with various BMS-system developers and connecting all data, it is not required to purchase a system. The data is used for processing inspection for investment proposals to multi-year programs.

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