Tender management


Teylers tender team supports and guides your organization during all stages of the tender process. Our team consists of smart, social and down to earth advisors, who listen attentively. With our critical view, we easily link the content of the project to the clients wishes and needs. On the one hand, we provide tranquility by means of a structured approach. On the other hand, we challenge and encourage our clients to generate creative solutions.

However, as tender team we are not on our own. Teyler is an integrated organization with multiple disciplines. By introducing our experts in the field of asset management, contract management and project management, we provide a wider perspective on tenders. Besides writing a winning plan, we also identify risks and opportunities for the realization of the project.

We aim for a long-term cooperation, in which we learn from each other and improve continuously. This enables us to improve our customized collaboration. Not a one-time success, but structural winning as a team.


We operate in a continuously changing field. Our focus is mainly on natural and build assets, but we regularly operate within other sectors. We constantly improve ourselves regarding existing tender techniques and methods. Besides, we keep up with new trends like Rapid Circular Contracting and keep developing ourselves.


RAW – Bouwteam – UAV –

UAV-gc – DB(F)M(O)


Construction – infrastructurele – area maintenance -road measurements – energy


Ministery of Infrastructure and Water management, provinces,
municipaliteit, water boards, safety regions, ProRail, TenneT

Type of tenders

EMVI, BVP, RCC, competitive dialogue


DJZ, Speer, Kroeze, Omexom, Heijmans, Krinkels, Wegdekmeten, GripRoad, SUEZ, Spaarnelanden

“ Teyler helped us to successfully complete various tenders. Their professional way of working and sharp questions helped us take our unit proposition to the next level. ”


R. Groenestein (Spaarnelanden)

Services Tendermanagement.


Designing and shaping document, drawings, schedules and images for the right look and feel


Initiating, chairing and guiding (creative) session in order to get to the core of opportunities, risks and distinctive content


Performing environmental, stakeholder, contractual and client analyses


Offering a critical view on the drawn-up plan in relation to the request for proposal


Organizing the tender process from the start until the submission of the tender, including an evaluation


Translating obtained information into winning EMVI-plans

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